In and Around the City
Urban photography consisting of both color an black n white images. 
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  1. Lower Viewpoint
    Lower Viewpoint
  2. Street Vendors Corner
    Street Vendors Corner
  3. Hidden Reader
    Hidden Reader
  4. Behind the Wake
    Behind the Wake
  5. Bench n Tree
    Bench n Tree
  6. Choices
    A representation to the choices we face and decisions we have to make.
  7. Graffiti Street
    Graffiti Street
  8. Cleaning in Thirds
    Cleaning in Thirds
  9. Bicycle on a Walk
    Bicycle on a Walk
  10. Space to Walk
    Space to Walk
  11. One Man's Castle
    One Man's Castle
    A home that sits against the freeway overpass in Bangkok.
  12. Down the Path
    Down the Path
  13. Barge Life
    Barge Life
  14. I Will Wait
    I Will Wait
    One of the first photos of the new BTS station in Samrong. I was hoping to get a shot with no people, but I think it wouldn't be the same without him.
  15. Rise Above
    Rise Above
    A view from the BTS station in Chit Lom. The different level of roof tops along with the spots of nature among the concrete is what caught my eye and how this one building rose above it all.
  16. Samrong
    A shot of a typical street in the providence of Samrong in Bangkok. This view never before seen until they opened the Samrong BTS station.
  17. Curves and Clouds
    Curves and Clouds
  18. Fill In the Shaded Area
    Fill In the Shaded Area