Landscape Adventure 

Here is the collection of the landscape YouTube videos
  1. Revisited
    In this video you come with me as I revisit a location where I have taken many great photos. I also show how the picture taking doesn't have to be over after the sun sunrise has finished.
  2. Photography Vlog
    Not so much of a landscape shoot, this video titled "Shooting the 1,400 Ton Maeklong Monster !" was just a spur of the moment idea. I have been wanting to photograph this piece of history with the morning sky in the background so I decided to do so and make a video of it. I also give some photography tips as well as a little insight to the coming video I will be doing about this not so known tourist attraction.
  3. We Gotta Go !
    In this video we rush down to the bridge just in time to capture the sunrise a few seconds before it breaks over the horizon.
  4. Discovering Something New
    In this video, while in search of some images in a familiar place, we venture to an area I never been before.
  5. Sneak Peek at Still Life Photography
    After catching an amazing sunrise, we use the beach as our studio and take some still life shots.
  6. No Clouds
    After having 3 days of storms, I go to do a landscape shoot and not a cloud in the sky! Though we do catch a very nice sunrise then add some more images to my still life/ product portfolio.

  1. Not a Good Day
    After capturing a nice sunset, two photos that I wanted to take fell through, but I still made it.
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