Travel Photography Gallery

I assinged these photographs to the spacific locations of where they were taken. In the miscellaneous gallery, are photos that don't belong to a series of any particular place.  

Wat Phra Samut Chedi

Phi Seur Samut Fort

This is the Buhhdist temple featured in episode 1 of my YouTube series Tourist Treasures. Although this 200yr old temple may not be as big or astounding as other temples in Thailand, it is truley a jewel to the Chedi district of Samut Prakan.
This fort was built on an island in the Chao Phraya River in 1819 between the two provinces Bang Nam and Samut Chedi. Its purpose was to give protection and fend off France and England in their attempt to carve up parts of Siam for themselves. In 1892 the old style cannons were replaced with rear loading guns.