Video Gallery

Landscape Adventures

In these videos we go out on an adventure to capture a landscape image. I also show that you don't need to travel far from home just to get a great photo. After we arrive at a location I explain what I'm looking for or why I like a certain composition and what to look for when trying to frame up a scene to photography. I also show by example that there may be more photos to be taken than just the grand landscape shot that you go to capture. A good thing to keep in mind especially if you contribute to stock agencies.

Tourist Treasures

In these videos we visit not only well known tourist locations, but I introduce places that are not so well known. There are many interesting places that lay off the tourist trail. These places don't get much tourist because they
don't get the exposure. Not only will you learn about these places, but on my page From A to B you will find the instructions on how to get there. I like all that I do, but I especially like doing these videos because I like to show people new an exiting places and in doing so, this will add to the visitors experiences and help the local economy in these areas.