Wat Phra Samut Chedi

Here are the instructions on how to get to Wat Phra Chedi (from Bangkok) that is featured on my YouTube channel in my Tourist Treasures episodes.
To get to the boat you will enter through a market. The enterance on the map is directly across from the art piece that is in the middle of the intersection. You will enter the market and proceed straight to the back. The walkway makes a left turn, but continue straight past the supermarket which will be on your left side ( you will see the turn styles ahead). The boat fee is 5 baht per person. Sometimes the boats will go around the island and you will get to see the temple on your way to where the boat will be docking on that side of the river. When you get of the boat, simply walk straight until you come to the road (approx. 100m).  Look to your right and you will see the pinnicle at temple. Enjoy! 

                                            Phi Seur Samut Fort

If you also want to visit the 1819 military fort on the island, when you are walking towards the temple you will notice a building at the end of the street. Enter that building and go upstairs to the second floor, there you will find the bridge to cross over to the island. From there, there is only one thing left to do, enjoy yourself!

To make your way to Wat Phra Chedi in Samut Prakan from Bangkok you will first find the nearest BTS station (also known as the skytrain). There is a kiosk with an automated tickey machine and on the kiosk is a map, you want to head towards the BTS station "Bearing" this will get you going in the right direction. There is also a ticket counter, if you would feel more confident making your purchase there (prices depend on where you get onto the skytrain, but no more than 52 baht per person). Look for the sign "Bearing" and go up those stairs. 
NOTE: You can get off at the Bearing station or the Samrong station. The Bang Nam station will be open in the future, you may ask the attendent at the ticket counter if the Bang Nam staion is open. If it is open, purchaase a ticket for the Bang Nam station. If you are able to take the BTS to the Bang Nam station, make sure when you leave the station that you are on the  south side (right side) of the street. Simply walk down the sidewalk and follow the rest of the instructions. It is not far to where you will be getting on the boat.
When getting off at the Bearing of Samrong stations, make sure you exit to the northside of the street (left side) so you can get the bus or taxi going in the right direction. NOTE: At Bearing you should be opposite of the 7 Eleven, at Samrong you should be opposite of the Imperial shopping center. 
The yellow buses are airconditioned and the bus numbers you can take are: 536, 511, 508, 142, 102.
If you decide to take a taxi just simply tell them Bang Nam market or show him the picture of the map and point out where you want to go. 
If you take the bus, refer to the map for walking directions.